The Yeti

Our Yeti is more than just a mascot for the Preparis brand.

The Yeti represents the ubiquitous and unanticipated threats which can strike a business anytime disrupting operations, curbing revenue, or worse…harming your own employees. Here’s a bit more history about our Yeti:

  • Although generally regarded as a myth, the threats Yeti symbolizes to businesses and buildings are quite real.
  • Yeti made his roaring debut in our Preparis video (to the right) to show businesses how bad luck can happen if teams aren’t prepared for an emergency.
  • Originally hailing from the Himalayas, he’s been known to invade clients’ offices, company events and conferences such as BOMA’s Every Building and Conference Expo.
  • In Tibetan, the word “Yeti” translates into “man-bear”. Other words which can be used to describe him are “Abominable” or “Sasquatch” and adjectives such as “scary”, “disruptive”, or even “expensive”.
  • Yeti can be seen lurking around the Preparis office. He also has a penchant for stalking the Preparis Twitter page.
  • Yeti are believed to be shy (most humans are afraid of the monster) but the Preparis Yeti is outgoing and even willing to pose for photos.

How Preparis Works

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