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3 Things to Do When Responding to a Bomb Threat

If a suspicious package was found in your building, would you and your property management team know what to do? What about your tenants? In the event of a bomb threat, it is imperative that a property manager knows how to keep her tenants and building safe.

There are times in which a bomb threat is a false alarm, but property managers cannot run the risk of ignoring the threat. Do not evacuate your building right away – it can cause a panic. If the perceived threat is in fact a real threat, then an evacuation is the next step. Bill Hildebrand, Preparis X-force consultant, recommends using the acronym SIN in the event of a bomb threat during his recent webinar, “Preventing Workplace Violence at Your Building.”

Click here to download our Bomb Threat checklist.

Click here to download our Bomb Threat checklist.

Secure the package. Do not touch or move it. Move people away from it.

Isolate the package by immediately evacuating the area around it. A minimum of 300 feet is recommended, but further away is always better.

Notify the authorities then turn off all cell phones and transmitting electronic devices. Upon their arrival, notify first responders of the location of any suspicious items.

The decision to evacuate is up to the property manager unless first responders determine it to be a significant threat.  If you believe the source of the threat to be particularly credible or if you believe the individual has motive for carrying out an attack on your building, you may be more likely to evacuate your tenants. Law enforcement will not make the call to evacuate if no package is found.

For more education on how to respond to bomb threats in your building, download our Responding to a Bomb Threat Checklist to share with your colleagues. For more information about how Preparis can help protect your building, staff, and tenants contact us directly at or give us a call at 404.662.2950

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