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Posted on October 9, 2013 by

5 Ways to Prepare for Workplace Violence

Click here to download our Active Shooter tabletop drill.

Click here to download our Active Shooter tabletop drill.

When it comes to preparing your crisis management team and employees for workplace violence, the key is to create a plan, then train regularly upon that plan.

One of our Preparis X-force consultants, Bill Hildebrand, knows the ins-and-outs about educating your teams on preventing workplace violence. Hildebrand served with the Atlanta Police Department for more than 20 years, and as a training coordinator with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, tasked with critical infrastructure protection.

In his recent webinar he taught us these 5 ways to prepare for workplace violence and the deadly threat of an active shooter.

1. Having a crisis action plan to prevent workplace violence is useless without regular training. It’s essential to conduct regular tabletop drills or training scenarios, where your crisis management team and employees would be asked to respond to various threats.

2. Communication is essential to mitigating the threat of workplace violence. Your upper management should open communication at all levels of the crisis team structure so that your staff on the frontlines knows the executive team is concerned for their safety. Managers should reiterate to staff that if they see something, or suspect something, then they should say something.

3. Implementing a “Daily Roll” at your company is great way to know who is visiting the office. Every morning, issue a “BOLO” or “Be On the Look Out” for people who will be on your floor, as an effective way to prevent Office Creepers or to warn your employees of a potentially dangerous threat.

4. Invite local law enforcement to your office. Find out who from your local police is in regularly on patrol in your area, and invite them to meet at your building with your property manager and building security team. It’s a great way to know everyone’s response plan in the event of an incident.

5. Consider installing panic buttons at reception or other points in your office. You can design the system to link these to building security, or to directly call 911.

You can read more about how to respond to an active shooter here. For more information about how Preparis can help your business prepare for the threat of workplace violence, click here to request an intro call now.

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