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Posted on November 10, 2014 by

Ebola Virus Disease: Fact vs. Fiction

Recent news headlines have been inundated with updates on Ebola. Here at Preparis we pride ourselves on helping businesses prepare for any threat, a part of that includes providing factual information. There seems to be a great deal of content surrounding the current Ebola outbreak which may lead to confusion. With that being said, we have created an infographic including facts on the virus as well as common misconceptions. You can download the complete infographic by clicking on the picture…

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Posted on October 7, 2014 by

Ebola diagnosed in the US: Why Pandemic Planning Should be a Priority

The first case of Ebola virus in the United States was diagnosed earlier this week in Dallas, Texas. The unidentified patient has been admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where he is being quarantined for treatment. This is concerning news because until this point, the current Ebola has been contained to West Africa. Prior to this case, several US aid workers were transported to Atlanta, Georgia, after contracting the deadly virus in Liberia. This instance is different in that the patient was diagnosed…

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Posted on September 16, 2014 by

Hurricane Odile Pummels Vacation Paradise

The dangerous weather system made landfall late Sunday night in the southern Baja California Peninsula making it the strongest hurricane on record in the region. Odile struck tourist attraction Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, bringing with it strong winds and causing copious amounts of damage. At landfall the Category 3 storm was recorded as having up to 125 mph winds. About 30,000 tourists were evacuated and advised to take refuge in one of the 164 shelters set up…

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Posted on September 10, 2014 by

Flooding: Why it Should Be a Part of Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Historic flooding brought the southwestern region of the United States to a screeching halt on Monday. An area with sporadic rainfall, certain places in the southwest were surprised to have seen more rain in one day than they have in June, July, and August combined. The rare mix of monsoon rains and the leftovers of Hurricane Norbert have left businesses and residents alike stunned at the power of several inches of rain. With states like California, Nevada, Arizona,…

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Posted on September 2, 2014 by

September is National Preparedness Month 2014: Are You Prepared?

If a disaster struck tomorrow would you be ready? Would your company have a plan of action? If you answered “no” to these questions, then National Preparedness Month is definitely something to pay attention to. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the government has pushed the importance of emergency preparedness no matter the threat. Since its creation, National Preparedness Month has done just that. Sponsored by FEMA, the month is used as a teaching moment for organizations to…

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Posted on April 21, 2014 by

Five Common Workplace Habits That Can Contribute to Cyberattacks

You’ve heeded the headlines of the latest hacker and hoax and may have even changed all of your passwords. Perhaps you experienced the heartburn from the “heart bleed bug” or other notorious nuisances.  Each worldwide threat, virus or breach gets increasingly complicated; but often the source for many contemporary cyberthreats is as simple as someone leaving a cell phone on the lunchroom counter. Since we advise people on matters of business continuity when major cyberattacks occur, we thought…

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Posted on April 15, 2014 by

Webinar – Preparing for Hurricane Season: Forecasts, Planning & Case Studies

Hurricane season can significantly impact the continuity of operations for a range of businesses – from retail to law and financial services firms – across the U.S.  Planning, training and testing your Business Continuity program in advance is key to ensuring your organization can successfully weather the storms. Join Preparis SVP of Business Continuity Doug Langley and guest Mike Smith, Chief Innovation Officer for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, for an expert discussion on: – The 2014 hurricane forecast models –…

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Posted on March 28, 2014 by

3 Key Business Continuity Program Plans for Financial Services Firms

Most financial services firms have developed business continuity and disaster recovery plans to satisfy the minimum standards required for regulatory compliance and recommendations. However, clients depend on a firm’s ability to keep the business running and deliver services despite any disruptions which is why firms should evolve from simply “checking-the-box” to a implementing full BC programs. Is your firm prepared to quickly assess the impact of a disaster and execute an effectively planned response and recovery based on…

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Posted on February 10, 2014 by

Businesses Should Prepare for Winter Storm Pax

The South is due for another bout of wintry weather this week courtesy of Winter Storm Pax. Our AccuWeather partner, Mike Smith forecasts that the storm will hit hardest by midweek on late Tuesday and Wednesday. “Here is the probability of a tenth of an inch of freezing rain — glaze ice — with this storm. This will cause serious traffic problems. These are the probabilities of a quarter inch (0.25”) of freezing rain accumulating. At this value,…

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Posted on February 7, 2014 by

Sochi Teaches Us to Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

Large events have the potential to be hives for terrorist activity, but the International Business Times ­warns of another type of attack amidst the Sochi Winter Olympic games: Cyber Attacks. IB Times references a report by the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security explaining that “hacktvists (activist hackers) and cybercriminals may attempt to take advantage of the international attention surrounding the games.” Various cyber attacks include Olympic Hactivists, fake…

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