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Sochi Teaches Us to Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

Large events have the potential to be hives for terrorist activity, but the International Business Times ­warns of another type of attack amidst the Sochi Winter Olympic games: Cyber Attacks. IB Times references a report by the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security explaining that “hacktvists (activist hackers) and cybercriminals may attempt to take advantage of the international attention surrounding the games.” Various cyber attacks include Olympic Hactivists, fake websites and domains that are used to deliver malware to website visitors, and lawful interception of all electronic communications by Russia’s main intelligence agency.

As cyber attacks become more common, it is important to remember how everyday actions can prevent theft, data loss, and reputation damage that can result from cyber crime. You can be prepared for cyber attacks whether you are visiting Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games or are simply in the office. Cyber security plans can be very in depth, so here is a starting point for you and your team to begin preparation today:

The Sochi Winter Olympics prove to be home to cyber attacks.

The Sochi Winter Olympics prove to be home to cyber attacks.

1. If you aren’t sure, don’t click on it. By limiting the information and the number of websites and applications you interact with online, you will know which pages to trust. If you receive an email with an attachment or link, use caution unless there is a message from the sender explaining what it is.
2. Use strong passwords. Hackers have a harder time accessing your accounts when your passwords are complex. Strengthen yours by using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts and change them regularly (every 6-12 months).
3. Keep your software up-to-date.  Security software aids users in the protection of their devices and if it’s good, it will update automatically. You are encouraged to take advantage of built-in security and free antivirus offerings as well. In addition to the security software, learn about the security features of your Web browser so you may put them to use.

Managing Director of Kroll Cyber Security recently joined the Preparis 2014 Threat Report webinar to discuss further preparation for cyber attacks. You can download the recording of the webinar by clicking here. To learn more about how Preparis can help your business prepare for the threat of a cyber attack, contact us at or call at 404.662.2950.

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