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Preparation Is Not An Accident

Posted on December 2, 2013 by

Developing & Building Life Safety Programs for CRE

Click here to download our case study Building a Better Life Safety Program.

In a chaos, you don’t want everyone in your building calling the property manager asking what to do. You need your tenants and staff organized into a trained and ready chain of command. This may sound like a lot of work, so let us help you to develop your emergency action plan (EAP) into an integrated program involving your building’s crisis team. It will upgrade your life safety program, plus reduce your potential liability exposure.

Preparis can help show your property management team where to start. In our case study, Building a Better Life Safety Program: Lessons Learned from a Senior General Manager, we discuss the ways to take your EAP and turn it into a comprehensive program including crisis team & tenant training, incident management technology, and compliance with industry standards (such as BOMA’s 360 Performance Program), to ensure your property management team is ready to face any crisis. We’ll discuss:

  • Ways to Improve Your Program
  • Communication During an Incident
  • Training Your Crisis Team
  • Protect Your Most Important Assets
  • Industry Standards for Preparedness

To illustrate these key elements with ‘real world’ examples, Deb Pyznarski, Senior General Manager for Lincoln Property Company, and vice co-chair of BOMA’s national preparedness committee, will review her best practices for developing her buildings’ EAPs into comprehensive life safety programs to protect her tenants.

The EAP is an ever-developing program. Leaving it in a binder on the shelf isn’t going to help. As laws and regulations are always changing, we’re constantly updating our EAP. We watch what happens across the country from an emergency preparedness and incident management perspective. That begins to become a basis by which you expand your threat assessment. Our EAP is an evolving process.

Click here to download Building a Better Life Safety Program, or request a demo to see how Preparis can help develop your building’s comprehensive emergency action program.

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