Life Safety Solutions for Buildings

logo-BOMA360The Problem: Property managers are responsible for the life safety of all their tenants, but often in an emergency their response is hampered by out-of-date contact information, untrained floor wardens, and slow methods of emergency notification such as phone trees. A poor emergency response can instantly damage a building or management company’s reputation plus impact tenant retention and revenue.

Solution: Preparis’ leading technology and services will help you regardless of where you are in your buildings’ Life Safety program maturity — from creating your initial emergency action plans to full program implementation. We’ll help guide you through everything your team needs — including training your property managers and tenants by providing you with a comprehensive technology platform that organizes everything you need to prepare and respond to an emergency — all in one place.

How It Works

Assess & Plan Respond & Recover Train & Test We combine expertise, technology, content, and client service to integrate your building’s preparation, response and recovery efforts plus make them actionable. Each of these key elements is aligned with the necessary stages of your Life Safety program: Assess & Plan, Train & Test, and Respond & Recover.

Our technology helps your people read, react and recover from any threat, to keep your building’s operations up and running during a crisis.

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How Preparis Works

“After seeing firsthand the results from flooding and fire in other buildings, I knew we needed to have a more structured emergency preparedness plan — including a well-trained crisis team with the tools necessary to communicate during an event — for my property team and tenants. I have been in property management for 24 years and am so glad to have finally found a solution that addresses all things emergency preparedness in one system.”

Deb Pyznarski,
Senior General Manager, Lincoln Property Company — Chicago
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