Business Continuity Made Easy

The Problem: Despite having limited time and resources, companies of any size must nevertheless have a thorough business continuity program in place to be prepared to mitigate and recover from a wide range of possible crises and potential business disruptions.

Solution: Preparis’ leading technology and services will help you regardless of where you are in your business continuity and cybersecurity program maturity — from creating your initial business continuity plans to full program implementation. We’ll help guide you through everything your business needs — including training your people and providing you with a full-featured emergency notification and operations technology platform that organizes everything you need to prepare and respond to an emergency — all in one place.

How It Works

Assess & Plan Respond & Recover Train & Test We combine expertise, technology, content, and client service to integrate your organizational preparation, response and recovery efforts plus make them actionable. Each of these key elements is aligned with the necessary stages of your business continuity program — Assess & Plan, Train & Test, and Respond & Recover.

Our technology helps your people read, react and recover from any threat, to keep your business up and running during a crisis.

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How Preparis Works

“Preparis saves us time by having predetermined user groups allowing the flexibility to send multiple message types at one time.  In addition to the benefits during an incident, the process of working with Preparis has opened our entire company’s eyes to the threats we may face, and has made us a stronger company as well.”
Jessica Neiderer,
Business Liaison Manager, Planalytics
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