Exploring Your Fit with Preparis

We use a reliable process to mutually determine if Preparis is a good fit for your company or building based on your Business Continuity or Life Safety program needs.

Step 1: Intro Call (20-30 Minutes)
  • Who we are, what we do, and why
  • Discuss your preparedness issues and decision criteria
  • Share how our customers use Preparis
  • Help your organization effectively respond to crises

Next Step: pick a date to learn more.

Step 2: Custom Demo and Consultation (60 Minutes)
  • Invite your colleagues to learn about Preparis
  • Explore your crisis training program elements
  • Identify goals that Preparis can help your achieve
  • Walk-through of our SaaS portal based on your needs & interests
  • Overview of our professional services capabilities as they relate to your situation
  • Q & A including economics and specific issues

Next Step: pick a date to make your decision.

Step 3: Decision Call (15-30 Minutes)
  • Your official “go/no-go” directive to us
  • Set implementation timeframe
  • Discuss initial objectives
  • Identify who will be working with us from your team

Next Step: pick a date to get started.

Step 4: Kickoff Call (60 Minutes)
  • Meet your Client Success Manager
  • Train your team members that will use the Preparis portal
  • Define your initial implementation objectives
  • Get started with Preparis!